Wee yin

Wee yin

I’ll be at the wall,

Just agree to what they say.

Not long till break time,

We’ll get a game tae.

Put your arm around him,

Don’t tell him what to say.

What do you mean, I stay all day?

Can’t I do a half day.

I’ll go tomorrow,

How long do I stay?

Meet me at the playground,

At the wall, just along the way.

We’ll be playing at the cages,

It’s not as bad as they say.

Hang your blazer on the peg,

Pick your feet up when you walk.

The teachers are the bosses,

Just listen to what they say.

Meet me at the wall, wee yin

It’s just another day.

You’ll be fine, now hurry, go away!

Big brother will be waiting…

See you at the wall, half three you say?