I am that person in your company who has been on a course. #seomarketing. I posted this on Instagram yesterday and I thought that everyone would know what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is. In a nutshell, it’s when you increase visibility and results through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, You Tube and Safari. Now that we’ve cleared that up. I feel like it’s my civic duty to bestow my learnings from my SEO training this week. I have done the heavy lifting for you.

1. As I said, if you don’t have You Tube you (your

co.) basically don’t exist. You heard it here first, you are irrelevant! That’s

right, your SEO is tumbleweed.

2. Dogs are good for your profile particularly if you

find yourself on Tinder. You can casually add a dog to any picture to increase

your engagement and swipes from the preferred species.

3. Speaking of engagement that’s what’s needed. Not

followers, don’t be fooled. Put a ring on it. Engage people.

4. Children like dogs work very well on social media

channels too. Nobody is calling children dogs but it works well for the

engaging the masses and selling.

5. Before and after imagery will work a treat. Make

sure you do an after pic! Hold camera high for best angles. Lighting lighting

lighting and filter! Don’t forget the filters.

6. Broken links are very bad for your website. It’s

very bad, very bad behaviour indeed. Fix them. Tell someone to fix them.

7. Videos are key. Mind not to post dodgy Blair Witch

ones made off your phone or homemade ones. You’re no Kim. Be yourself just not

that self.

8. Sex sells. Not advocating that though you might

make more money 💰

9. Follow trends; jump on the bandwagon and be a

trendy Wendy. #googletrends

10. If all this fails, appoint a marketing person to

blame and post pics of doggies 🐕

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