I see.
I see.

I see.

As you close your eyes today, the last time I will see you.

I stroke your cheek and pat your head, its time, I see that.

No time left to walk around the block.

No time left to chase the waves.

Time ran away while I looked away.

I am sorry.

I never saw that.

Life got busy, people got in the way.

And I promised I wouldn’t turn away.

I got distracted, I left your side.

I go back to the beginning when it was just you and I, and in the end it’s you and I again.

I remember the beginning and the end but the middle remains unsaid.

Left in a cold room to close your eyes.

I close the door and walk away.

Never to see you again.

I see it all now, so clearly.

So final.

So loved.

And I see now, I will follow.

felicity fox

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