Feb 6 2020

Granny Mary told her she wasn’t in a rush, and neither was He, and since she didn’t have a boot, or a car, or ever had the chance to learn to drive, she would stick to the routine that had served her well for some forty years.


Besides she’d have no one to talk to if she went to the one shop, nobody spoke to anyone in the line. The only sound that could be heard was the beep, beep, beep witheveryone was in a rush with everyone else. The shop assistants didn’t assist instead they threw the food, launching them down the remote control belt like a firing squad as the vegetables battered and bruised each other, squished into the plastic bags with milk and eggs flung in any which way to make the process faster, make the line quicker, make the rich richer, and hurry her way, out the door without even so much as a Good Morning.